If you have no interest in learning how to trade, or even learning how to use trading software, then an Artificial Intelligence Managed Forex Account is for you. I have had a very hard time finding a service like this that I trust and don’t list one lightly. The following information on this page is proof from a real trading account and will be updated continuously each month. The results on this page are from a €25,000 account but I am also now testing a €5000 account which will be added at a later date. The €5000 account comes with a few less perks.
Firstly, here is their own performance statistics from their website. To my surprise, the real results have actually been better than they are advertising. The latest months on the following graph I have seen first hand and have performed better than what they show in the image! Perhaps these are the results from a €5000 account.

! A second withdrawal has not yet been possible and many others online are reporting the same. I have sent various emails back and forth and keep getting told they are upgrading their withdrawal system. A long time has passed now and I would not advise anyone new join World Markets at this time. I will update here if they fix their withdrawal system. I will post advice here on how to join a lawsuit for money retrieval if not !

::: Past results are not alwasy indicative of future results, never trade with money you can’t afford to lose! ::: Any type of trading comes with risk :::
Lastly, here are the €25,000 account trade by trade results for the months tested so far which will be updated each month moving forward. I will also do the same for the €5000 account once the first month completes.

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